Excited much?

NO! Actually I’m not. Is that bad?

This coming Friday we go to injection training. In a week or so my Husband will be giving me said injections. I may have all the yucky side affects that I have a read about. I’m not excited about that. Will I have enough follicles? Will all my eggs be good enough? Will my Husband have good quality and enough swimmers to do anything with? Not knowing if all this IVF stuff will even work. I’m not excited. Maybe it just hasn’t kicked in yet. Hasn’t felt real enough yet.

We found SomedayMama’s blog right when we started realizing we had to go the IVF route. She gives me hope and I don’t know how she stayed so happy and pretty through her videos. I’m not like that.


2 thoughts on “Excited much?

  1. Gabby says:

    I saw your comment about starting IVF (lupron shots) on SomedayMama’s blog and let me tell you her blog and another IVF blogger kept me sane and motivated. You can do this! But you need to stay positive it’s easier said than done I know but staying positive got me through all the shots and the pills. Other than tired and bloated were the only things I had to deal with and I know it could of been worse, but staying positive and excited was key to getting through all those shots. Good luck!

    • who was the other blogger that helped you?
      I talked to my MIL today and I got to see her excitement and it made me so happy!
      I am trying really hard to stay positive! Thank you for your kind words!

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